A Key difference between payment seats and merit seats

The word “political seats” is often used, but here we’re talking about seats as a part of admissions process of medical colleges. After successful completion of 12th in science, every talented student even with a good number in 12th science must undoubtedly appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). If you want to apply for BDS/MDS course enrollment, you must take the NEET- national level test. Base on merit score students can apply for admission in most medical colleges. According to the Dental Council of India’s data, about 26,000 seats are available across 315 colleges, including government, private, local, and deemed universities.
Allow me to simplify things for you:
• Merit seats – as name suggest, earn a good NEET score and gain admission to college of your choice.
• Management seats – if you didn’t get a good score on the NEET test, pay donation and get a seat in your choice of college.
Merit seats are available in Karnataka for students who perform well on the NEET exam, and it also depends on the students’ caste system. Students who are allocated a Dental college seat based on merit will be eligible to pay either no or half of the tuition. The outstanding payments will be paid by the government. In contrast, Management seats are reserved for those who did not meet the eligibility criteria for a college merit seat but are willing to spend nearly two to four times the actual college fee. All fees are the responsibility of the students, and they are not qualified for any scholarships too.
When compared to management seats, a student who successfully completes the NEET test and counselling process is fortunate to receive the same quality of education at a lower cost. Also in the same college, management seat course fees are typically 2 to 4 times higher than merit seats.
In Karnataka, there are approximately 50 dental colleges, each of which has a set number of merit and management seats allotted by the government. A college traditionally has its own monopoly on management seats, and private colleges can allot any student based on donation contributions rather than merit. Since it focuses exclusively by college administration, it’s known as management quota or management seats. In any of India’s government college, there are no management seats open. Almost all students are aware that NEET is one of the most critical exams to pass before enrolling in a doctoral program. don’t let yourself down even if you’re a concerned student who missed out on a merit seat and can’t afford to pursue your dream career with payment seat. I’ve got some positive information for you: you don’t have to use NEET to label yourself a doctor.

Terribly confused!!

Allow me to clear it up for you. While getting a BDS/MDS without taking the NEET exam is almost impossible, there are many other medical courses that can be pursued without taking the NEET exam, such as physician assistants, nutritionists, medical laboratory technologists, nursing, naturopathy, clinical science, and so on.
Also, once an opportunity lost to get a merit or management seat is not the end of the World. There is always a second, a third chance. Pursue other avenues as listed above and simultaneously do another round of NEET.

Try till you succeed. Never break loose.

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