1. NEET-MDS 2021 is the eligibility-cum-ranking examination for admission to various MDS courses of 2021 admission session.

2. NEET-MDS 2021 will be conducted by NBE. Candidates may note that the role of NBE is limited to the conduct of NEET-MDS, declaration of the result and handing over the result to MCC of DGHS, MoHFW. NBE has no role in counseling and allotment of MDS seats. Verification of documents and eligibility determination of the candidates shall be undertaken at the time of counseling/ admission process.

3. Candidate may kindly note that appearance in NEET-MDS 2021 does not confer any automatic rights to secure a MDS seat. The selection and admission to Postgraduate seats in any dental institutions recognized for running MDS courses as per Dentists Act, 1948 is subject to fulfilling the admission criteria, eligibility, medical fitness and such criteria as may be prescribed by the respective universities, medical/dental institutions, Dental Council of India, State/Central Government.

4. Candidates are advised to read the Information Bulletin carefully and go through the instructions regarding submission of online application form given in the information bulletin as well as on NEET-MDS 2021 index page on NBE website before starting online submission process for NEET-MDS 2021.

5. Candidates are deemed to have read, agreed and accepted the Information Bulletin and the terms and conditions in the Information Bulletin for NEET-MDS 2021 on completing the online submission of application form.

6. A candidate can submit NEET-MDS 2021 application form only once. Any candidate found to have submitted more than one application form for NEET-MDS 2021 may be debarred from NEET-MDS, his/her candidature may be cancelled and further action as deemed appropriate by NBE shall be taken.

7. Candidate should ensure that all the information entered during the online submission of application form is correct and factual. Information provided by the candidates in the online application form shall be treated as correct and NBE will not entertain, under any circumstances, any request for change in the information provided by the candidates. The option of editing certain information entered in the application form shall be available to the candidates during the edit window. Please refer Chapter – 8 for details regarding Edit Window.

8. NBE does not edit/modify/alter any information entered by the candidates at the time of online submission of application form under any circumstances.

9. Application for NEET-MDS 2021 can only be submitted online through NBE website There is no other methodology for application submission. Application submitted through any other mode shall be summarily rejected.

10.Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated information shall not be considered and candidates may be further debarred
from appearing in any future examinations conducted by NBE/MoHFW/other Institutions.

11.Candidates who fail to submit duly completed application with requisite documents and/or fail to rectify the deficiencies in the application by the last date prescribed for rectification shall be declared ineligible. Admit Card shall not be issued to candidates who are declared ineligible. In such cases, the entire fees will be forfeited.

12.Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated records will not be considered and such candidates will be further debarred from appearing in the future examinations of NBE and action as deemed appropriate by NBE will be taken.

13.Candidates are advised to ensure that no mandatory column in the online application form is left blank. In the event of rejection of the application form, no correspondence/request for re-consideration will be entertained.

14. Candidates may note that deficiency related to images uploaded shall be communicated to them. Deficiency related to images uploaded (Photograph, Signature, Thumb Impression) can be corrected during the final edit window i.e. 29th November to 30th November 2020.

15.Candidates should ensure before applying that they have a recognized BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree awarded by an Indian University, in respect of recognized Dental College under Section 10(2) of the Dentists Act, 1948 or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Dental Council of India. If it is found at any time that BDS degree is not recognized, the candidature/ result shall be cancelled/deemed to be cancelled.

16.Candidates should go through this bulletin carefully for eligibility criteria before applying. Queries pertaining to eligibility and other issues will only be entertained if the information requested is not given in the bulletin of information or NBE website. No queries of the any third party will be entertained with regard to the eligibility and disclosure of the results.

17.Submission of incomplete online application form not in accordance with prescribed instructions shall invite rejection of the application. In such cases, the examination fee shall not be refunded.

18.Candidate found ineligible at any stage of NEET-MDS 2021, will not be permitted to appear in the examination. In an unlikely event of any ineligible candidate appearing and/or passing the NEETMDS 2021, the results/candidature of such candidate shall be cancelled and/or is deemed to be cancelled, even if result has been declared or Score Card has been issued.

19.NBE reserves the right to withdraw permission, if any, granted inadvertently to any candidate who is not eligible to appear in the NEET-MDS 2021 even though the admit card/roll number has been issued or name/roll number is displayed on NBE website.

20.Fee shall neither be carried forward to a future exams nor refunded under any circumstances. The examination fee of candidates remaining absent shall be forfeited. Application once submitted can not be withdrawn.

21.Candidates’ eligibility is purely provisional & is subjected to the fulfilment of eligibility criteria as prescribed in this Information Bulletin.

22. Instructions in the Information Bulletin are liable to change based on decisions taken by the NBE /MoHFW/DCI from time to time. There is no equity or any rights that are /or deemed to be arising in favour of candidate. Candidates are required to refer to the latest bulletin or corrigendum that may be issued to incorporate these changes.

23.The existing schedule, pattern, policy and guidelines are for ready reference only but in no way, they are or are ought to be treated as representative or acknowledgment of fact that NBE is bound to follow the same in future. NBE reserves its absolute right to alter, amend, modify or apply any or some of the instructions/ guidelines contained in this information bulletin.

24.In case of any ambiguity in interpretation of any of the instructions/ terms/ rules/criteria regarding the determination of eligibility/conduct of examinations/ registration of candidates/ information contained herein, the interpretation of the NBE shall be final and binding in nature.

25.Request shall not be entertained for change in date/center of examination under any circumstances. Candidates are advised not to canvass for such representation.

26.Admit Cards for NEET-MDS 2021 Examination shall be available for download at NBE website on 9th December 2020. Candidates declared ineligible shall not be issued admit cards.

27.Result of NEET-MDS 2021 shall be displayed on NBE website and

28.NEET-MDS 2021 shall be conducted by NBE at various exam centres engaged for the purpose. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the route and location of the exam centre. Please refer Chapter – 6 for details of Test Day Procedures.

29.The examination test centre staff on duty is authorized to verify the identity of candidates and may take steps to verify and record the identity of candidates. Candidates are required to extend requisite cooperation.

30.Possession/Use of mobile phones/Electronic devices is strictly prohibited in the premises of NBE test Centres. Candidates shall be liable for penal action for Possession/Use of Mobile phones/ Electronic devices. Please go through guidelines detailed in Chapter – 9 for use of unfair means in the examination.

31.Demo Test: A demo test shall be available for the benefit of candidates to familiarise themselves with the Computer Based Test format at website Candidates will be able to access the Demo test from 1st December 2020 onwards.

32.The candidates should communicate with NBE regarding matters related to NEET-MDS 2021 as per prescribed Protocols only,

33.Candidates are encouraged to communicate through email with NBE. All the correspondence through post should be addressed to the Executive Director, NBE, Medical Enclave, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029. Candidates are requested to superscribe the envelope with the subject matter of the correspondence for expeditious processing.

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