1. New User Registration: All candidates desirous of applying for NEET-MDS 2021 shall be required to create an online profile of themselves to generate a User ID and Password.

2. Applicant Login: This User ID and Password so created will allow the candidate to login as an applicant for NEET-MDS 2021 and register an online application. The “Go To Application Form” link will allow the candidate to continue with the application submission immediately after user creation.

3. If the Login password is lost, it can be retrieved by clicking “Forgot Your Password”.

4. Name of Candidate: Please mention your full name as in your BDS Qualification Certificate. Name as entered by the candidate while creating his/her User ID shall be reflected in a non-editable format in his/her examination application form. No change in the name shall be permissible under any circumstances after submission of an application. The candidate shall be required to produce his/her Govt issued ID proof bearing same name at the test centre on the test day to seek entry. It is strongly advised not to submit an application with an error in the candidate’s name as it shall not be allowed to be edited after application submission even during the edit window. If the user has entered his/her name wrongly while registering the user, please create another user with correct name.

5. Father’s and Mother’s Name: Please mention the full name of your Father and Mother carefully while registering the user.

6. Gender and Date of Birth: Indicate your gender and Day, Month & Year of your birth. Please enter the correct date of birth carefully while registering the user..

7. Nationality: Please enter country of your citizenship. An Indian Citizen should indicate, if he/she is an NRI. If you are an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), please choose OCI after selecting country of your citizenship.

8. Email ID: Email ID chosen by the candidate shall be verified through a system generated OTP for user creation. Same email ID can not be used for registration of any other user concurrently. Please note that all email correspondence with the candidate shall be done at this email ID only. Email chosen by the candidate shall be the primary means to communicate with the candidate for examination purposes. Information related to examinations shall be sent at this email ID. Candidates shall also be able to communicate with NBE through this registered email only. Correspondence received from any other email ID of the candidate shall not be entertained. Therefore, candidates are advised to choose the email ID carefully.

9. Mobile No: Please provide the desired mobile number for receiving Examinations related communications sent through SMS.

10. The UserID/Application ID and password so generated shall be sent to the registered email ID and mobile number of the candidate for future records.

11. The index page of NEET-MDS 2021 at NBE website provides a quick link, “Applicant Login”. The online application form for NEET-MDS 2021 can be accessed through this quick link after successful login.

12. The candidate can login using his/her User ID and Password.

13. The application submission process can be completed either in a single sitting or in multiple sittings, as per the candidate’s choice, during the application submission window. However, once an application is successfully completed & submitted, it shall be available for editing certain field only during the “edit window”.

14. Candidates are advised not to complete their application registration process in a haste so as to avoid any errors in providing information.

15. The candidate shall be required to provide information as asked under various heads. It is strongly recommended to keep the required information handy before start filing the application. Please read the User Manual available at the index page of NEETMDS 2021 for step wise details asked in the application form.

16. Upload of Prescribed Documents & Images (Photograph, Scanned Signatures and Thumb Impression): Please refer Image Upload Instructions available at NBE website and at the end of this information bulletin for details of specifications for uploading photograph, signatures and thumb impression. Images which are not as per prescribed specification shall not be considered and may lead to rejection of the application.

17. The test city can be selected from available choices on first come first serve basis. While the city will be chosen by the candidate himself / herself at the time of online submission of application form, allotment of test centre/venue in the chosen city shall be done by NBE.

18. In case testing seat is not available in the State/UT in which the candidate prefers to appear in NEET-MDS 2021, he/she can choose the option OTHERS from the list of States/UTs at the time of selection of the State/UT during online submission of application form. NBE will make all efforts to ensure that the candidate is allotted a testing centre in the State of correspondence address of the candidate. In case testing seat is not available in the concerned State due to logistic, administrative or other reasons, testing centre in a nearby State shall be allocated. Candidates opting for OTHERS option shall be informed about their testing city by 20th November 2020.

19. After selection of test city, the candidate shall be required to pay the prescribed examination fee online. The fee cannot be paid through any mode other than the payment gateway available in online application form.

20. Candidates shall be prompted to preview the entire application before submission in order to make any corrections, if so required. They shall be required to submit the application after agreeing to the “declaration”. This shall complete the entire process of application submission.

21. A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t o f A p p l i c a t i o n S u b m i s s i o n : A n acknowledgement email shall be sent to the registered email ID confirming submission of an application by the candidate.

22. Edit Window: Candidates who have successfully submitted their application during Application Submission window shall be allowed to edit their applications during 17th November to 19th November 2020. No new application can be registered during edit window.

23. All editable fields in the application form shall be open for the candidate to make any corrections, if so required. Details of field which can not be edited are mentioned below.

24. Information entered in the application form can be changed during the “Edit Window”. However, following fields in the application form shall remain non-editable: • Name of the Candidate • Email ID • Nationality • Test City

25. If a candidate updates his/her category or PWD status during the edit window which requires him/her to make any payment of the difference in Examination Fee to NBE, that difference of examination fee needs to be deposited through demand draft drawn in favour of National Board of Examinations, payable at New Delhi before the date of conduct of the examination.

26. No editing in information provided shall be permissible in the application form, once edit window is over.

27.NBE disclaims any liability that may arise due to incorrect information provided by the candidate during online application form submission.

28. NBE does not edit /modify/alter any information entered by the candidates at the time of online submission of application form under any circumstances. Any requests for change in category, Date of Birth, PWD status etc by NBE shall not be entertained.

29. Subsequent to closure of edit window, deficiency related to images uploaded in the application form shall be communicated to concerned candidates. Deficiency related to images uploaded (photograph, Signature, Thumb Impression) can be corrected during the final edit window i.e. 29th November to 30th November 2020.

30.Candidates who fail to submit duly completed applications with requisite documents and/or fail to rectify the deficiencies in their applications by the last date prescribed for rectification shall be declared ineligible. Admit Card shall not be issued to candidates who are declared ineligible. In such cases, the entire fees will be forfeited.

31. The following sequence shall be observed while filing the online application form: • Fill the user registration form to generate User ID/Application ID and Password. • User ID and Password will be sent through SMS and Email. • Complete the application form and upload your Photograph, Scanned signature and Thumb impression. • Choose your Test City and pay Examination Fee • Agree to the declaration and Submit Application • Take a print out of the filled Application form with Transaction ID printed on it for records

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