Various option available after BDS

According to 2020 numbers, India produces approximately 26,000 BDS graduates each year, and in the world of specialty, Because of the fierce competition for MDS seats, many candidates may look for alternatives to MDS.
Allow me to walk you through more than 12 scope options after you complete your BDS.

1. Pursuing Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS)

MDS is the very first choice that any dental undergraduate considers. MDS is any student’s dream, but it’s not for all. To get into MDS, you must first pass the all-India NEET-PG (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) examinations, which are supervised by the Government of India. There is a huge competition, but if you work smartly, you will succeed. You may also enroll in PG diploma classes, which give you more skills in less time to learn about your area of interest.

2. Masters in Public Health (MPH)

Dental Undergraduates, who want to work for the entire community to raise awareness to make communities healthier rather than just one person in need at a time. One of the greatest fields is public health, which aims to prevent disease and improve lifestyle through water fluoridation, school dental check-ups, oral cancer screening, and educational activities. The field of public health includes public health nursing, epidemiologist, public health inspector, qualified health educator, or event manager or director of complex health institutions and service programs. Dentists who wish to work in Western countries also pursue an MBA or MPH after completing their residency. Many companies and corporates are looking for individuals with a master’s degree in public health.

3. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – Hospital Management/Administration

The PG diploma course in Hospital and Health Management includes theoretical and practical learning of the healthcare management sector. It is intended for students who want to move from private practice as a dentist to hospital management. MBA students learn how to collaborate and work with medical institutes, hospitals, nursing homes, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the health sector.

We all are aware that in the context of the current situation in which we are struggling with a major problem in the healthcare system and management, we have learned that managing a hospital, medical staff, policy-making process, and enforcement is not a child’s play. MBA is a two-year program. You can also obtain an MBA in hospital administration at a number of reputable universities throughout India.

4. Clinical Practice

A few undergraduates are confused between the general dental practice and dental specialization. General dental clinics do very well and earn a decent living. Rather than starting a new practice right after your internship, I believe you can enter some private clinic and gain at least a year of expertise in the dental market and procedures. It is not straightforward to open a dental clinic. Before launching a dental clinic, you should have a budget, goals to accomplish, marketing plans, bio waste, and many more. Dentistry is an investment-based profession, and it takes strategic preparation to succeed in this field.

5. Academic career in dental colleges.

Undergraduate BDS students with teaching abilities can work as lecturers in colleges or as career guides for students preparing to take the NEET – MDS test. You must have seen how many tutors or senior lecturers are paying in your college. You can get a sense of work opportunities by looking at the dental academician, who is bursting at the seams in every department.

6. Oral Biology & Sciences

If you wish to work in research, you can apply to many universities around the world for postgraduate programs like MSc Oral Biology, MSc Oral Pathology & Microbiology, or MSc Oral Sciences. Oral Biology is not a clinical program, and students are not permitted to practice in either country. If you choose to continue in the clinical field of dentistry, you can enroll in programs such as MSc Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, MSc Endodontics, MSc Orthodontics & Dent facial Orthopedics, or MSc Orthodontics. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge and enjoy working as an assistant professor or researcher at a university of your choice.

7. Dietitian and nutritionist

The nutritionist or dietitian industry is thriving these days. In order to deal with lifestyle diseases. A dentist with a strong understanding of general health, such as yourself, should enroll in nutrition and dietetics programs. The bulk of diseases are caused by sedentary lifestyles. Following your BDS, you can enroll in a certification program offered by organizations such as the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). For this profession, you would even be qualified to practice as a dietitian in respected hospitals.

8. Clinical Research

As the climate changes, wellbeing gets more difficult. To deal with new diseases and unhealthy lifestyles, our pharmaceutical market must evolve to meet human needs. Basics in Clinical Research, Pharmacology, and other subjects are included in the course. Later, students are introduced to clinical trials, designs, documentation, quality control, analysis, data management, drug safety, and infection prevention and control, as well as soft skills for a clinical research doctor.

As the climate changes, wellbeing gets more difficult. To deal with new diseases and unhealthy lifestyles, our pharmaceutical market must evolve to meet human needs. Basics in Clinical Research, Pharmacology, and other subjects are included in the course. Later, students are introduced to clinical trials, designs, documentation, quality control, analysis, data management, drug safety, and infection prevention and control, as well as soft skills for a clinical research doctor.

9. Government Jobs after BDS

We all are aware that working with the government is a good bet, as it offers a lot of benefits such as pensions and retirement funds and high payouts. However, the amount of job openings varies by state. You would be lucky to be placed in government sectors, as finding a job is challenging. OBC and SC/ST candidates have an easier time being recruited for these jobs than the general caste. Various government sectors are looking for a dental such as;

  • Territorial Officer in the Indian Army
  • Railways as a dentist
  • Army Dental Corps as a dentist
  • Indian Navy or Indian Airforce as a dental officer.
  • State government jobs, as a dental surgeon, etc.
  • Government job as a tutor in colleges.
It is an honor to join the INDIAN ARMY, Navy, or Airforce and have the opportunity to serve the nation. To be honest, the majority of government vacancies necessitate a postgraduate degree. As a result, finishing MDS raises the chances of landing a government position.

10. Master of Science in the Forensic Department

Forensic science is concerned with the detection or prosecution of crime; it is concerned with the identification of a suspect through matching a record of their dentition (set of teeth) with a record of a bite mark left on a victim, age estimation by criminal’s dentition, identification of DNA extraction from teeth, Evidence Collections from the crime scene, Chain of Custody, and many other functions. If you believe you have the spirit of Sherlock Holmes inside you, here is a career path made only for you.

11. UPSC Exam with a chance to Join Civil Services (IAS/IPS/ IFS/ IRS)

Quite a good opportunity for red light fans, but it only comes once or twice in every 5 years along with heated competition. You will represent your country by joining the railways, the health ministry, or Indian Civil Services such as IAS, IPS, IFS, or IRS via the UPSC rating scheme.

12. Options Overseas

Over the last two decades, pursuing a career in abroad has grown in popularity. Traveling or relocating to another country not only provides students with the ability to experience a new place and culture, but it also provides them with a significant advantage in their future careers. Dentists are in high demand, especially in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. In those countries, students must complete a series of examinations in order to become a qualified dentist. If you are assured that you can pass the exams and can afford the course fees, I strongly advise you to enroll and start your journey towards becoming a millionaire.

13. Dental and Healthcare blogger/influencer – This is what I am doing right now.

Since you already have a strong knowledge of healthcare as a medical student, you would be able to quickly transition into the creative content writer industry. Your help with library dissertations, theses, case presentations, paper presentations, and other projects would support many medical students. You may also collaborate with a practicing dentist to create a web presence by posting their posts, blogs, case reports, and videos.  
you will even become a YouTuber or an influencer by making videos relevant to dental care. Along with your clinical practice as a part-time contractor, this is the division in which you’d be more at ease.

14. R&D in dental products or instrumentation.

Dentists are the right people to assess and develop dental equipment and devices. Anyone who treats patients with dental devices and products has a better understanding of materials, techniques, and technology than anyone else. Many universities around the world offer courses in instrument design. You may also apply for positions in government and private companies that manufacture oral care materials and medications.

  • I tried my hardest via this blog to answer all your questions based on your concern. “Knowledge is half the battle won,” as the old saying goes. The other half is working upon it. Now, you have many alternatives for extending your career after BDS, based on your desires.
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